Recipe For Shrimp Shooters with Roasted Garlic Cocktail Sauce!

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The Culinary Experience & Catering brings you. A great butlered option for any cocktail hour.

Shrimp Shooters with Roasted Garlic Cocktail Sauce Recipe.

Roasted Shrimp

Ingredients Tools

4 lbs. 26-30ct. extra Large Shrimp Sheet Trays

Salt & Pepper to Taste Large Mixing Bowl

Olive Oil 100ct Plastic 1oz Shot Glasses

Method and Procedure

*Place all four bags in large mixing bowl

*mix with olive oil until nicely coated, salt and pepper lightly and mix well

*Place all shrimp on sheet tray so they are close together but not overlapping

*Roast in oven at 400* until shrimp turns from blue & translucent to pink (6-8 minutes), keep a close eye on these, they will over-cook quickly.

*Add cocktail sauce to 1oz shot glasses so it is ΒΌ full

*Add shrimp to shot glass, one or two (your desired look).

* Place one popcorn Shoots in each cup.

Popcorn Shoot: Organic Microgreen, Brilliant yellow, sweet & crunchy.

The popcorn shoots pairs well with this dish. It blends nicely with the spicy cocktail sauce and the snap of the shrimp. They make the cups look really cool too!

Cocktail Sauce

Ingredients: Tools:

* Misen Place all Ingredients & tools needed Wisk

* 2 Cups of Horseradish Large mixing bowl

* 5 Cups of Ketchup measuring cups/spoon

* 1 large spoonful of roasted garlic

* Salt & Pepper to Taste

* 1 Tb Sriracha

* 1 TB who is your sister sauce (Worcestershire)

* 1 TB of Teriyaki

Method and Procedure:

* Add all ingredients above in large enough bowl to hold all ingredients above and mix well.

* Taste Taste Taste * The sauce should be spicy but not hot; it should be tasty #LayersofFlavor

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