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Tune in Tomorrow Morning to WFMZ 69 News Sunrise Chef starring some pretty cool Lehigh Valley Wedding Venders & Venues. Tune in at 7:25am, 7:55am, 8:25am, & 8:55am tomorrow morning June 2nd 2017 and get some really cool recipes, & information about some of the best wedding venues, and venders the Lehigh Valley has to offer. One of tomorrow's recipes is inspired by our very own Nikki Sandt. Nikki is our wedding coordinator, chef, and pretty much all around bride and party throwers support staff. Too many times we have seen Nikki in the middle of the night on her phone or computer taking the stress off of our brides, going the extra mile to make them feel comfortable, & bending over backwards to meet their needs. If ever a person you would like to have your back on the most special day. Nikki is who you would trust to take of that task. Just take a look at our google reviews especially. They all pretty much start with "Nikki is the best to work with" and then how great the food was, and how the customers were so happy. Sorry for rambling on there but, the first segment with Eve is dedicated to Nikki our "PIP" because without her it would be a lot harder to make all our brides happy! Thank You for your dedication and love for this industry.

Pip's Portabella is one of our vegetarian & vegan options See picture attached: It's a play on chicken stir fry where the chicken is replaced with large sliced portabella mushrooms and the vegetable combination below the mushrooms are laying on top of a healthy pile of white quinoa. (Pip is Nikki's nickname from a very small little girl because she is a Pretty Important Person) Nikki came up with this dish years ago when The Culinary Experience & catering really didn't have a whole lot of Vegan dishes. Tune in tomorrow to see it constructed.

The second segment is also a very important recipe because it's Stephanie Stevens mom recipes. Any cook knows and understands the importance of recipes passed down from generation to generation. I will not get too into this but you can tune in tomorrow to learn more.

Our last working segment is Hellertown Bakeries own Authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza made by Chicago Joe. This is another great recipe with a great story passed down for many years.

Then a review of all dishes a tasting by the news team and a hearty good bye!



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